Eagle Creek Load Warrior

The Eagle Creek Load Warrior

 Eagle Creek Load Warrior

The Eagle Creek Load Warrior is our most popular travel bag. It is available in three different sizes, the smallest of which, the Load Warrior 22, is carry on approved, there are also the larger 25 and 28 sizes available.  What is great about the Load Warrior is how many items it can hold, particularly if you utilise the Eagle Creek Pack-It system, yet how easy it is to grab and go.

Eagle Creek Load Warrior Equipment Strap Eagle Creek Load Warrior Durable Wheels

The Eagle Creek Load Warrior features external compression straps so you can expand the bag for maximum storage or compress it to secure items inside. It has grab handles on the top, side, bottom and a webbing strap on the front so getting it on and off baggage carousels and in and out of vehicles is easy. Oversized, tough wheels and an aluminium extendable handle make journeys with the Load Warrior reliable and stress-free. There is also an expandable water bottle pocket on the outside of the Load Warrior.

On the door of the Eagle Creek Load Warrior is a separate, externally accessed pocket with 'laundry chute' allowing you to easily sort dirty or damp clothes and keep them away from clean items. The stow-away equipment keeper allows you to attach items such as jumpers or coats to the outside of the bag quickly and securely when you no longer require them.

Eagle Creek Load Warrior Locking Zip Eagle Creek Load Warrior Grab Handle

Internally the Eagle Creek Load Warrior has been designed to fit the range of Eagle Creek Pack It folders and cubes for complete organisation during travel. A Pack It Folder 18 even fits into the door! When you've finished packing two luggage straps hold everything in place and the padlock compatible zips keep the contents safe.


Product Features

  • Lightweight carry-on luggage
  • Stowable Equipment Keeper™ holds gear and clothing on luggage by using the Porter Key™ bottle opener attachment
  • Expandable main compartment adds 15% more packing space
  • #10 lockable, self-repairing zippers with finger friendly zipper pulls on main compartment
  • Exterior and interior compression straps
  • Multiple grab handles and Harness Handle™ double as lash points
  • Large exterior and interior pockets provide organization
  • Laundry Chute to separate dirty from clean
  • Attached piggyback clip offers add-a-bag versatility
  • Durable wheel and handle system for smooth ride
  • Built-in durability includes: reinforced hypalon material blocking and bumper protection, sturdy wheel housing, and reinforced bartacks
  • Reflective accents for dusk and nighttime visibility
  • ID Tag pocket and contrast accents throughout for easy ID
  • Integrates with Pack-It™ System & Gear Organizers, suggestions included
  • Lifetime Warranty



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Rab Winter Gear Part 1:Down

Rab have always been known for their high quality down jackets and sleeping bags and this year they have upped the bar even higher. All Rab's down clothing is now hydrophobic coated before use. That's right, water resistant down inside the jackets! The constant worry of your beautiful Down jacket getting wet in the tent or getting caught in a shower is over!


Here are a few key pieces from Rab's new range:

Down with low weight and small pack size.

What we use it for: Active Mountain, Lightweight Backpacking and Casual wear

 Although not Rab's warmest winter layer by far, the ever popular Microlight Jacket packs in over 140g of very fluffy 750 fill down to its tiny micro baffles. Perfect for British conditions, you can still comfortably go walking without over-heating. The jackets and vest will pack down into their own chest pockets and you end up with a pleasingly small ball, perfect for stowing in your bag. Available in a hooded 'Alpine' version, standard jacket or gilet. 

The women's Microlight series offers then same materials but in a more female friendly shape.


Ascent Jacket

Chunky but lightweight jacket with water resistant outer

What we use it for: Mountain Walking in winter, Trek and Travel, getting to work when it snows!

 The Ascent jacket uses almost three times as much Down as the Microlight at 330g but it is a slightly lower 650 fill power so its not a huge great bulky thing. You still get very good range of movement and fantastic warmth, in fact its the perfect jacket for those crisp, below freezing winter days. The outer face fabric is the water resistant Pertex Endurance so the jacket is protected if you get caught in a snowdrift or light shower, and is resistant from snagging on styles and bushes.


See our complete range of Rab clothing here for Men and Women


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Eagle Creek Pack-It System

Eagle Creek Pack- It System

 Eagle Creeks Pack-It System helps you to travel smart. You can compress your load and maximize space and minimize wrinkles. Below we will show you a few key features to help you travel with ease.


Packing Folders

Shirts, Trousers and Jumpers will arrive virtually wrinkle free, allowing you to get where you need to go, while looking your best. Numerous items can be compressed allowing you to take more in less space.

Packing Folders

Our most popular item at Breaking Free. Simply roll T-Shirts, Jeans, Underwear and Socks and place them side by side in the packing cubes. Simplify packing and un-packing, add organization and save space. Cubes are available in a variety of different sizes and shapes to fit different items and bags. Need a lot of socks? Try the cube tube. Going away for the weekend?  Take a half cube. All cubes feature a mesh front for visibility and breathability and will keep your packing savvy!

Packing Cubes

No compromise organisation. The Pack-It specter system uses durable silnylon construction, the same material used in lightweight tents and backpacks, for an extremely lightweight, water resistant packing system. With Specter there is less weight to carry around yet you can still maximise packing space and keep your items organised and clean.

Pack-It Specter


 Packing Sacs

Packing Sacs are perfect for all those little essentials, from sunscreen to bug spray, lip balm to aspirin. You can use them for electrical accessories or even travel documents. There are a hundred and one uses for these travel packing bags!

Packing Sacs


Compression Sacs

These are your secret weapon. Eagle Creek Compression Sacs can reduce packing volume by up to 80%! Use them to compress bulky items like jumpers and jackets, or segregate dirty or damp from clean and dry. We know you'll love them.

Compression Sacs


Toiletry Kits

Whether your on a weekend away or travelling the world, Pack-It Toiletry kits set the standard for organization and convenience. They feature a removable mirror, elasticized toothbrush holder and a hook for hanging. These travel-sized toiletry bags are just what you need, wherever you find yourself.

Toiletry Kits



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'Just concentrate on making good boots' a History of Altberg

Today Alt-berg are regarded as one of the best boot makers in Europe and here at Breaking Free we have been happily recommending them for many year. People are often suprised and delighted when they find out that Alt-Berg prides itself on being a traditional company with a strong heritage of design and manufacture, with its roots firmly planted in the UK. We though we would share a brief history of the company with you.


Mike Sheeran, the owner of Alt-Berg has over 40 years of experience making boots, he learnt his trade from the Shepherd family of Rochdale who themselves grew from a tiny co-operative of boot makers  over 80 years ago, to one of the largest manufactures in the U.K. Unfortunately the Shepherd family fortunes ran out by the second recession of the 1980's and their boot making skills and facilities went with them.



Mike and a few colleagues from the old factory refused to give up however and, using redundancy money, they were able to cobble together the beginnings of a new, all be it much smaller, boot making factory only 100 yards from the old factory.

The first 5 years were a continual struggle, Alt-Berg had only managed to assemble old, obsolete machinery whose spare parts were non-existent. They had mounting debts and they were operating in a time where most manufacture and skills had moved on to distant seas. Alt-Berg knew they had to keep the tradition, and these generational skills, alive and they kept on designing and manufacturing new boots.



Slowly but surely the orders began to grow, demand steadily increased, boots such as the Fremington and Malham spread through word of mouth. The company had no money for advertising, but relied on its fitting system, offering 5 different width boots and a full compliment of sizes, to retain customers and make new ones. Slowly new machines could be acquired and more boots, such as the lightweight Yan Tan developed. Boots for the military, police and motorcyclists soon followed.

By the year 2000 the tiny operation in Rochdale could no longer keep up with demand and a second factory had to be found, after a brief stint with Orton's in Leicester, a new factory was opened in Treviso, Italy, an area where boot making continues to be a thriving industry.


As you can imagine manufacturing boots in England is never going to be easy but the folks at Alt-Berg will continue to strive for excellence in their products and processes and we will continue to support them. Mike Sheeran remembers a quote from his predecessor Michael Shepherd that sums it up nicely.


‘when times are bad, just concentrate on making good boots… there’ll always be someone who wants a pair of good boots…’ and that’s what we did, and that’s what we still do…”


We pride ourselves on our boot fitting here at Breaking Free and if you would like to try some amazing Alt-Bergs for yourself, come down to the shop for a fit.





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Duke of Edinburgh Kit List

Duke Of Edinburgh Kit List

The Duke of Edinburgh award scheme is very popular amongst the Younger Generations and at Breaking Free we have supported this scheme for many years. It's a great way to get people interested in the outdoors and teaches valuable life skills. Below is our Duke Of Edinburgh Kit List, you can use and adapt this for your Bronze, Silver and Gold Expeditions, as well as most trips into the outdoors. Remember to always check weather conditions and pack accordingly, and be prepared.

Duke of Edinburgh Kit List:


1 Pair of Walking Boots, worn in.

2 Pairs Walking Socks - Bridgedale Light Hikers give extra cushioning while you walk, if you suffer from blisters try a pair of Coolmax Liners

2-3 T-Shirts - we advise staying away from Cotton, it will trap sweat and become sticky and uncomfortable, try merino wool or man made synthetics to keep you cool and dry.

1 Thermal T-Shirt - (optional) If its going to be chilly for your expedition, or a clear, cold night, a base layer will keep you warm.

2 Fleece Tops - Fleece will trap your body heat and keep you warm while you walk.

2 Walking Trousers - Jeans will chafe and rub and become heavy when wet, sensible walking trousers are a fraction of the weight and will shed water easily.

Underwear - avoid cotton and try synthetics or natural fibres such as merino wool, these will wick moisture away from your body and keep you feeling dry and comfortable.

Waterproof Jacket - Don't leave the house without one, even if it's not going to rain, areas where you do your expeditions are often exposed and windy, they also work as an emergency shelter should you require it and stop your bum getting wet when you sit down. Go for something lightweight and packable, then if you really don't need it its not filling your bag.

Waterproof Trousers - the same goes for waterproof trousers, they may seem like overkill, but you'll never know when you might need them.

Warm Hat or Sunhat - Keep your head warm if its cold, keep the sun off its its warm

Gloves - (if appropriate) You won't need anything too warm unless your doing your expedition in the middle of winter, try the Berghaus Spectrum gloves, a light weight fleece glove that will help keep the chill off.

Shorts - (if appropriate) Shorts are great if your walking in the warmer months, but alos make sure you have at least one pair of trousers as the evenings can still get quite cold

Sunblock - (if appropriate) Always wear Sunblock, its a no-brainer.

RuckSack - Make sure you get one thats big enough for all of your gear, with nice padded straps and lots of pockets. An adjustable back harness will create the perfect fit for you.  

Rucksack Liner - It's very important to keep everything dry as well as you can. A couple of roll top sacs will protect your belongings in the fiecest storms.

Sleeping Bag - pick one thats right for the conditions. SnugPacks Crysalis range will pack small but there are different temperature ranges they can deal with.

Sleeping Mat - go for a foam mat for simplicity or a self inflating mat for comfort.

Waterproof bag for sleeping bag - Keep your sleeping bag dry at any cost

Survival Bag - in worst case scenario situations these can be lifesavers, the bright orange colour acts as a distress beacon and the tough plastic works as an emergency shelter and helps retain your body heat.

Whistle - another worst case scenario product, signal your wearabouts when visability is low.

Head Torch - Find things in your bag or get around the campsite after dark.

Personal First Aid Kit - If you are spending a prolonged time outdoors, the likelyhood is you will suffer from scatches or blisters orothersuch mishaps, these pocket-sized first aid kits help you deal with accidents in the field.

WaterBottle 1-2 Litres - Hydration is key, always make sure you are taking on plenty of fluids regularly, if you have concerns over the weight, take a 1 litre bottle but refill it regulalrly. Never drink from any found natural water sources.

Knife, Fork, Spoon - Obvious but still not items you would want to forget.

Plate, Bowl, Mug - Same as cutlery, don't forget them

Waterproof Matches - For lighting gas stoves and trangias

Wash Kit, Personal Hygiene Products - Stay Clean easily, all purpose soaps are eco friendly, Dry Wash doesn't require any water and is great while camping

Travel Towel - These pack down very small yet the microfibre surface absorbs a lot of water, making them perfect for camping and backpacking




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Gore-Tex Fabrics

How Gore-Tex Works

The Breaking Free complete guide to Gore-Tex.

Being Waterproof, Reliable and Breathable are the three main aspects that we desire when searching for outerwear. Thankfully due tot he advances of modern technology, there are now lots of ways we can achieve this holy state, but we'll talk about those another time, this article is all about Genesis, the original - Gore-Tex.

Created way back in 1978 Gore-Tex was the first man-made fabric to hit the holy-grail, and its designers and developers are continually pushing the boundaries of what is possible with technical outerwear. But what is it that makes this material so special? How does Gore Tex Work?

The Membrane:

What was essentially created back in the 70' was a plastic 'membrane'. This revolutionary new membrane has holes all over it, billions of them, around 9 billion per square inch! But something with holes in it won't be waterproof you say, ah but it is, we counter. The holes in this waterproof membrane are tiny, so tiny that not even water droplets can squeeze their way through. The holes are around 20,000 times smaller than water droplets, making the material waterproof.

However small they make these holes though, we have to remember that the membrane also breathes, that's because the holes are still 700 times larger than a molecule of water vapour. What does this mean? It means water cannot get through the material but water vapour, i.e. sweat can.

The Laminate:

To help protect the fragile membrane the Gore-Tex is laminated to other technical materials to create the Gore-Tex fabric. A Durable, Water Resistant outer, so the water beads and rolls off the surface, and a protective inner liner. Both of these are chosen for their particular qualities, be that lightweight, abrasion resistance, insulation or cost. This way the garments can be tailored to their market segment. These outer face fabrics are also breathable to allow the moisture to escape when it has passed through the Gore-Tex Membrane. Higher quality Gore-Tex fabrics will also have a laminated inner fabric, this is designed to protect the Gore-Tex membrane from Grit, Grime and abrasion, these are referred to as 3 layer Gore-Tex. More inexpensive jackets will include an inner face fabric but it will not be laminated to the membrane. This can lead to a higher abrasion rate as the fabrics will rub together, however these garments are often more comfortable to wear and can be combined with an inner insulation layer.

Sealed Seams:

As garments are constructed and sewn together the holes from the needle need to be covered up. Gore-Tex devised a way of laminating a strip of their fabric over the folded seams, effectively sealing them shut. As the company constantly strives to create better and better garments, the size of the sealing strips has dramatically decreased in recent years as the sealed seams are not breathable.

Gore-Tex is seen on many items and across a broad spectrum of brands due to its Breathable, Waterproof properties. In store we have Gore-Tex Jackets, Gore-Tex Trousers, Gore-Tex Boots, Gore-Tex Gloves, the list goes on.

Different Gore-Tex Fabrics Explained

Gore-Tex 3 Layer


Gore-Tex 2 Layer

Gore-Tex 2 Layer fabrics feature the propietory Gore-Tex Membrane laminated to a DWR (Durable Water Resistant) fabric on one side. The inner of the garment is liner with a thin fabric to help protect the membrane and ensure a more comfortable fit, but it is not directly laminated to the Gore-Tex Membrane.

Garments that use 2 Layer Gore Tex fabrics are 100% waterproof, breathable and durable; however the lack of a laminated inner liner does increase abrasion and wear and tear on the membrane so the lifespan is shorter than a 3 layer jacket.

2 layer Gore-Tex clothing is often designed for a casual fit, perfect for everyday activities outside and leisure walking. The outer face fabrics are often a heavier weight fabric as pack size and weight is not such an issue. These garments are therefore very good at resisting tears and scrapes while walking through undergrowth or over stiles etc. They feel nice and robust to wear. Good Examples of 2 layer Gore-Tex garments are the Berghaus Cornice III and Glissade III


Gore-Tex 3 Layer

Gore-Tex 3 layer fabrics will again feature a laminated DWR outer fabric, often a very similar material used in the 2 layer garments, to make then robust and resist wear and tear. However the difference is the inner liner material is also bonded to the membrane. This makes the garment more resilient to wear and tear as the fragile membrane is protected from abrasion and dirt and grime. Gore-Tex 3 layer garments are again cut for a causal fit, such as The North Face Sutherland Jacket Although they are slightly lighter and more packable than a 2 layer garment, the laminated liner has a more plastic feel and may not seem as comfortable to wear.

Pac-Lite Technology

Gore-Tex Paclite is a very thin and lightweight protective liner layer that dramatically reduces the weight and pack size of its Gore-Tex fabric. Garments utilising Gore-Tex with Paclite technologies, such as the aptly names Bergaus PaclLite III, make excellent waterproofs for changeable conditions as their low bulk mean they can easily stuffed away into a bag when not needed. The inner liner is also nice and smooth so it feels much more comfortable to wear.

Gore-Tex Active

Gore-Tex Active fabric is a 3 layer laminate that uses a lightweight outer fabric than a standard Gore-Tex fabric to reduce the weight and bulk of the material, it is also more breathable so is ideal for high cardio, active pursuits, such as high mountain walking, running and cycling. These garments offer a slimmer fit with a wider range of movement, as can be seen in this example The North Face Alpine Project jacket

Gore-Tex Pro

Gore-Tex Pro is utilised in rugged, mountianeering style garments. It is incredibly durable due to heavier face fabrics and perfect for high alpine pursuits. The laminate is the designed in the same way as other 3 layer Gore-Tex fabrics but these are really built for abuse in the worst environments possible.



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