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Ho Ho Ho!

"It will help protect you from the rain dear". Nikwax Tech Wash 300ml and TX Direct 300ml Duo is £13.00 in shop at Breaking Free this Christmas.

Nikwax Santa Pants

Posted on 13th November, 2018 by Breaking Free Ltd

Winter is coming....................

(Sigh...Yes I know, but I’m guessing HBO probably won’t read this article so I won’t get a telling off a la Trump tweet……)

Lots of people come into the shop at this time of year asking what is the best way to keep warm whilst walking / fishing / taking photos or simply watching junior play rugby.  There are several factors to consider but the best answer in all situations is Layer, Layer, Layer.

Key to keeping warm is to keep dry, and this means from the inside out as well as the outside in.  Even in cold weather, sweat is inevitable if you are active, so avoid natural materials like cotton because these hold onto moisture for a long time, drawing warmth away from your skin.

Always start with a good base layer, synthetic or best of all, Merino Wool.  Merino is warm, non-itchy and doesn’t hold onto smells, making it ideal for a 2 or three day trip when you are limited for packing space.

Icebreaker Merino Baselayer

Next, a mid layer such as a light fleece, is ideal.  My personal favourite is the Rab Flux pull-on or the new Rab Nucleus pull-on.  Both are smooth on the outside but fleecy on the inside, and have a long half length zip to allow you to get some air in at the front rather than stop and take it off if you’re hot.  The Flux also has thumb loops to keep your wrists warm.

Rab Mens Flux Pull On

An additional mid - layer is important to trap as much air as possible, this would usually be a heavier, full zip fleece such as the Berghaus 200 Shadow FZ fleece.

The North Face Womens 200 Shadow Full Zip

Lastly, a good wind / waterproof outer layer is important.  There is no point layering up if the wind just goes straight through so even if it’s not wet, a good shell layer, such as the Berghaus Ghlas Softshell,  or a waterproof jacket e.g. The North Face All Terrain 3 jacket will make all the difference.

Also, don’t forget your head, fingers and legs!  If you don’t protect your legs from heat loss, they will lose more heat than your torso, and your muscles will be constricted of blood flow and your performance will suffer.  Therefore, thermal leggings and waterproof trousers are equally important as keeping your body layered.

Once you are set for the off, remember that if you stop for whatever reason, lunch, or because you twist an ankle, you must have an additional layer of clothing to keep you warm while stationary.  This is where a good lightweight down jacket comes in, mine lives in the bottom of my rucksack but is a godsend when it does come out to play, usually either at lunch or at the end of a day as the evening draws in and I get tired and cold.

Rab Microlight down jacketLifeventure FlaskSeal Skinz Sub Zero Mitten

Final piece of kit to take on a cold day is a flask for a warm drink.  I’ve never been a fan of coffee but there’s nothing like a hot Latte at the top of a peak to warm you and boost the caffeine levels ready to concentrate on the trip down the hill.

Nikwax Tech WashNikwax TX Direct wash in proofer

The one thing most people don’t do, but the most essential for the winter, is to wash waterproof / breathable clothing.  This MUST be done using appropriate NON-DETERGENT washes, followed by a proofer, such as Nikwax Tech Wash and TX Direct Wash In.  Never forget that the quickest way to ruin a waterproof is to wash it in normal washing detergent.

Posted on 7th November, 2018 by Breaking Free Ltd

Hats a'plenty

With summer finally starting to show itself, we have lots of essentials to protect you when the sun comes out in force, including sunhats (Tilley, North Face, Sunday and Buff) plus a good range of BLOC sunglasses which look great without breaking the bank.

We have lots of other summer essentials too - Camelbak water bottles, insect repellants, Teva sandals and lots of other goodies for when you think about your upcoming travels!

Come into Breaking Free in The Borough and have a look!


Posted on 11th June, 2018 by Breaking Free Ltd

Need poles for the walking festival???

If you're taking part in the Farnham Walking Festival we have loads of Leki Walking Poles for you to use for the walks - that also includes poles for the 'Nordic Walking Taster Sessions' walks.

Just pop into the shop and we'll happily set you up with an appropriate device!

Posted on 22nd May, 2018 by Breaking Free Ltd

Spring ???

Shop Photo

Spring barely seems to have arrived (if indeed it really has) and already we are having really hot weather.  It's incredible to think that the holiday season is only a few short weeks away.  Most of our summer range is now here, with a full range of UV protective headgear from Buff, Tilley, Sun Day and others.  We've also got loads of lightweight breathable walking shoes and boots in stock in a huge variety of fittings from Meindl, Alt-Berg, Scarpa, Berghaus and more.  Having a boot that fits well can be the difference between having a great time or not, so if you're going walking why not pop in, and we can check how your current boots are and how to care for them, or if you're unhappy with how your boots fit we'd love to show you just how comfortable boots really are when they are right.

Posted on 24th April, 2018 by Breaking Free Ltd

Farnham Walking Festival Approaches

Farnham Walking Festival 2017

Farnham walking festival starts soon!

Set across two weeks, from 20th May to 3rd of June there will be a wide variety of different walks for people of all different abilities, ages and fitness levels.  There are even courses on walking techniques.  All the walks are guided by experts in their respective fields, and are a great opportunity to learn more about the history of Farnham and the wildlife surrounding it.

If you'd like to learn more, drop into the shop where we have full festival itineraries, and can advise you on the sort of equipment you will need to take part!

Places on individual walks are allocated on a first come first serve basis, so we strongly advise coming down and seeing what is running this year to avoid disappointment!

For more information please visit the Farnham walking festival site CLICK HERE

Or to book yourself on a walk, CLICK HERE

Posted on 12th April, 2018 by Breaking Free Ltd

Easter weekend

If you are thinking of taking a traditional Easter walk this weekend, there is still just about time to dig out your boots and give them a good clean down in preparation.

Of course, if you find that they are somewhat worse than you remembered, we offer a selection of great brands, in a huge variety of sizes and WIDTHS with a bespoke fitting service from people who use and love the gear.

Choose from Alt-Berg, Scarpa, Meindl, Han-Wag and more. We also stock a comprehensive range of socks, insoles and after-care products to ensure that you get a perfect fit that always performs.

Posted on 29th March, 2018 by Breaking Free Ltd

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Posted on 14th July, 2017 by Breaking Free Ltd