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Farnham Walking Festival Approaches

Farnham Walking Festival 2017

Farnham walking festival starts soon!

Set across two weeks, from 20th May to 3rd of June there will be a wide variety of different walks for people of all different abilities, ages and fitness levels.  There are even courses on walking techniques.  All the walks are guided by experts in their respective fields, and are a great opportunity to learn more about the history of Farnham and the wildlife surrounding it.

If you'd like to learn more, drop into the shop where we have full festival itineraries, and can advise you on the sort of equipment you will need to take part!

Places on individual walks are allocated on a first come first serve basis, so we strongly advise coming down and seeing what is running this year to avoid disappointment!

For more information please visit the Farnham walking festival site CLICK HERE

Or to book yourself on a walk, CLICK HERE

Posted on 12th April, 2018 by Breaking Free Ltd

Easter weekend

If you are thinking of taking a traditional Easter walk this weekend, there is still just about time to dig out your boots and give them a good clean down in preparation.

Of course, if you find that they are somewhat worse than you remembered, we offer a selection of great brands, in a huge variety of sizes and WIDTHS with a bespoke fitting service from people who use and love the gear.

Choose from Alt-Berg, Scarpa, Meindl, Han-Wag and more. We also stock a comprehensive range of socks, insoles and after-care products to ensure that you get a perfect fit that always performs.

Posted on 29th March, 2018 by Breaking Free Ltd

Breaking Free

Posted on 14th July, 2017 by Breaking Free Ltd

A weekend with a Suunto Spartan Sport watch

Having tried a couple of other manufacturer’s devices in the past and found them disappointing in a few respects, I was keen to play with the Suunto Spartan Sport watch which was kindly lent to me.

Now let’s be clear. I’m not a keen sports person desperate to know their current VO2 max or how long I can sustain exercise at a certain heart rate (although I know someone who would want all those features). But the Suunto gives you all this information and more, including how much recovery time you need to get over your most recent exertions (useful leverage to get the OH to cook dinner). It tells you heart rate measurement with calories, Peak Training Effect and recovery time. It supports interval training, gives lap tables, step count, is compatible with Bike Sensor and BLE power meters (for the cycling nuts amongst us). It gives 30 day training summary, and long term analysis of training loads, PTE’s and HR zones if you sync with Suunto Movescount app.

All very nice, and my obsessively sporty friends would use all that. But what I would buy it for is the navigation and GPS features. I walk. Whenever I can, and as often as I can in places where I can get myself lost (and have done in the past, despite having a navigation qualification!) But the Suunto gives an extra feature which I think is a game changer. The breadcrumb navigation (similar to a sat-nav) shows you whether you are on your planned route at all times. When I went out at the weekend, I didn’t take my map. I planned a route into Suunto Movescount app on my PC, which synced to the watch. I started the navigation (it picked up the satellites much more quickly than I am used to with my other branded device) and followed it for several hours without the need to check where I was or which direction I was heading in. It took me exactly where I wanted to go (the pub on the other side of the scrubland) and then got me home again without blinking.

I know, I know. You should never go out without a map and compass (the watch has a built in digital compass), and without knowing how to use them. But this little device gives a level of reassurance that I would find invaluable, especially if I were leading a group of friends on an unfamiliar walk.

The stats and route recording of where I’d been, how many miles, how fast I’d walked, how many calories I’d burned, what my heart rate was (all of which I get from my other branded device) is all very nice to know, but I’m sold on the navigation and compass and I have now put the Suunto Spartan watch on my Christmas list.

Suunto watch

Posted on 5th June, 2017 by Breaking Free Ltd

Farnham Walking Festival

Sunday 21 to Sunday 28 May 2017

Not long now until the Farnham Walking Festival which offers walks for everyone, of all ages and fitness levels, including wheelchair users, to discover historic Farnham and the beautiful surrounding area through a range of walks.

All walks are led by experts in their field and are free of charge. Find out about life in the castle, the industrial heritage of the town, public art, how to walk properly and of course the natural landscape surrounding the town.

Booking, on a first come first serve basis, is required for all walks and all walkers are responsible for ensuring they wear the correct clothing.

Book via the website: or pick up a form from Breaking Free and return it to us.

Deadline for booking Tuesday 16 May.

Breaking Free LogoFarnham Walking Festival logo

Posted on 10th May, 2017 by Breaking Free Ltd

With the weather heating up, Teva Sandals are now in stock

With the weather finally heating up, the long awaited range of Teva sandals are now in stock, and selling fast!

Super grippy, super comfortable, with features such as water-chanelling technology, shock pads, and microban zinc to counter the stink, Teva have thought of everything to make your feet love their footwear.

If you're keen on having cool and comfy feet when the sun shows up, then come and take a look!teva_kayenta_dreamweaveteva_tanza_leather_mens_sandals

Posted on 10th May, 2017 by Breaking Free Ltd


The Simon Trust Greensands Scramble



Join us as we walk 57 miles of beautiful Kent and Surrey countryside. Pretty villages, orchards, hop gardens, Chartwell, Leith Hill and ending up at the famous NT Punchbowl at Hindhead on Sunday afternoon for a Survivor’s Party.

We start most days at a pub at 9am, or just whenever you wish. Please do as little or as much of the four days as you can. Even a few hours with the dog would be fantastic!


Thursday Linton Bull Inn ME17 4AW               to Sevenoaks Riverhill Gardens        -17 miles.

Friday      Riverhill Gardens TN15 0RR           to CarpentersArms Limpsfield Chart  -12 miles.

Saturday Westcott Prince of Wales RH4 3QE  to Hascombe White Horse               -17 miles.

Sunday    Hascombe White Horse GU8 4JA      to Hindhead Punchbowl                  -11 miles.


There will be a start at 12 midday on Sunday 30th at the Hascombe White Horse. This is not intended as a race and you will please need to be self sufficient. i.e. there are no water stations.

There will be a Survivor’s Picnic Party at The Punchbowl, Hindhead on Sunday afternoon with FREE refreshments.

BOOK YOUR PLACE ONLINE AT:   www.Eventbrite Greensand Scramble

Entrance fee is just £10 (+ booking fee) for a short dog walk or the full four days.

Details on parking and transport back to your cars will follow by email nearer the time (as long as you enter.)


All proceeds will go to The Simon Trust, a new local charity raising £500,000 towards a much needed home for ten young adults with severe autism in Alfold, Surrey.

Please visit for more information.

Posted on 15th April, 2017 by Breaking Free Ltd

Stretchy but still waterproof! The new Rab Kinetic jacket

It seems that Rab have decided to tempt us all with the innovative new Rab Kinetic Jacket, a stylish yet super lightweight stretchy waterproof softshell which is also highly breathable. 

The new Proflex™ fabric technology allows fantastic freedom of movement which means that you can use the jacket as either a mid layer in winter or an outer layer in warmer seasons. 

Technically, the jacket is designed for day-long use in changeable weather conditions, with a waterproof component hidden inside: a high performance, flexible membrane with a waterproof measure of 10,000mm and an exceptional breathability level in excess of 35,000cc/sqm/24hrs.

The outer and inner layers of Proflex™ are engineered, high gauge knits – the outer treated for water repellency, the inner wicking to move moisture rapidly through the system.

We love the choice and flexibility the Kinetic gives over traditional waterproofs, more style and less rustle rustle of the fabric as you walk.  There is a Mens and a Womens version, so no need to feel left out ladies!Rab Kinetic Jacket

Posted on 13th March, 2017 by Breaking Free Ltd